Hotel Schloss Waldeck 4-star superior

at Castle Waldeck

Castle Waldeck rests on the remnants of an 11th-century fortification, towering over the town of Waldeck, in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hesse (Germany). The castle is situated to the north of the Kellerwald-Edersee nature reserve, 120 metres above the Edersee's north shore, on a steep, wooded rock close to the centre of the halftimbered town of Waldeck. What better place to take in the beautiful scenery!

Formerly the ancestral seat and residence of the Counts of Waldeck, the fortification was later used as military barracks. In 1734 it was a state penitentiary, and in subsequent years was used as state archive, forestry office, and, as early as 1906, was put to use as a hotel. Today it belongs to the Waldeckian domanial administration and is public property.

In September 2009, the hotel subsidiary manufacturing company reopened the redesigned 'Hotel Schloss Waldeck'.

Lobby des Hotel Schloss Waldecks

Upon entering the lobby, you immediately "get" the idea of the castle's interior design. The mightly old castle walls have been stylishly lit and presented. The former "good-luck-fountain" emanates mysterious blue light, and the reception desk seems to float.

All rooms have been redecorated and are comfortably furnished. Rooms are either equipped with bathtub or shower and toilet. Hair dryer, make-up mirror, minibar, safe with charging device for your laptop as well as a modern multi media system are available in your room.

This is a peaceful haven for our guests. It was inspired by American clubs, which were designed for "gentlemen" to relax after work, for reading or for leisurely conversation, before going home to their families. This comfortable room, with its modern interpretation of classic elegance, is ideal for a drink from the adjoining bar, for reading the daily newspaper, or for playing a game of backgammon or chess, at the English card table.

Late night at the castle. Right next to the fireside lounge you'll find our cozy bar. Subdued lighting allows it to display its beauty and comfortable elegance.

Way up at a dizzying hight, on sunny days the Café & Restaurant Altane offers a breathtaking view of the Edersee and the surrounding landscape.

We take our inspiration from Oscar Wilde, who was quoted as saying: "I have but the simplest taste, I am always satisfied with the best". And the best is often to be found right at our doorstep.

Particularly suited for events and large groups; the charmingly antiquated ambience is simply perfect for boisterous knights' delights. Of course seating and tables may be adapted to individual requirements, a stage or a dancefloor are additional options.

The most beautiful day of a couple's life together. Everything should be perfect. Everything should be magnificent. Everything should be just as special as this couple, just like a fairytale happy end... So why not pick a fairytale location, like this beautiful castle registry office. These elegant old walls offer ample space for up to 20 people.

Your wellbeing is our ambition. At our small but luxurious spa area you can leave it all behind and allow yourself to be pampered.